Recycling for Rewards

The trovr APP

For Consumers

Trovr is the easy smartphone app that enables users to receive rewards and discounts for making eco-conscious decisions by recycling single use drink containers via recycling points.

For Scheme Administrators

The trovr APP facilitates Digital Payments, allowing consumers to receive their DRS monies directly to their bank account and supporting RPOs in reducing the need to manual transact with physical cash.

For Retailers

Trovr's merchant functionality, allows retailers to create their own rewards and vouchers. These can be offered to the whole trovr community or targeted user groups. The merchant app also allows retailers to redeem these vouchers in store and therefore enabling SME and independent retailers to take an inclusive role in recycling rewards and national deposit return schemes.

For Brands

Trovr works with brands to generate proactive offers and promotions that engage with existing customers by creating brand loyalty and generating interest with new customers. Trovr does this by rewarding your customers for using the app platform and making sustainable choices.

deposit Return Scheme

DRS is set to become an important initiative in many European countries, driven by the EU Commission’s Packaging and Waste Directive. 

DRS schemes have proven successful in many countries incl Germany who boasts annual returns of 98%.

How It Works

Return your empty drink containers using a participating trovr recycling point and use the trovr app to register the recycling transaction. Trovr then rewards you with in-app points which you can exchange for vouchers offered by hundreds of big name brands and retailers.

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