What is trovr?

Trovr is the easy smartphone app that incentives consumers with rewards in return for recycling plastic, aluminium and glass drinks packaging. Working with brand partners and retailers, trovr also promotes product loyalty and encourages repeat purchases through instant product promotional offers.

Trovr is the only rewards-from-recycling platform that offers full digital deposit return scheme capability, enabling users to receive funds directly from their trovr wallet into their bank account or, alternatively, donate to good causes.

Deposit return schemes

Trovr combines deposit return schemes with retail rewards and brand promotions, and it is the only smartphone app that seamlessly connects consumers, retailers, brands, and locations together through a totally digital platform.

Whether you are a global, national or local brand you can tailor the use of the trovr app to maximise your brand visibility and promotion.

Trovr works with brands to generate proactive offers and promotions that engage with existing customers by creating brand loyalty and generating interest with new customers. Trovr does this by rewarding your customers for using the app platform and making sustainable choices.
Using trovr's dedicated merchant functionality, retailers can create their own reward campaigns and vouchers. These vouchers can then be offered to the whole trovr community or targeted user groups. The merchant app further benefits retailers by providing them with the capability to redeem their own vouchers in store enabling SME and independent retailers to take an inclusive role in recycling rewards and national deposit return schemes.
Trovr provides a full in-app advertising opportunity for brands and retailers. Advertisers can further take advantage of Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) Six Sheet (D6) screens located on our range of reverse vending machines. These unique advertising opportunities transform your corporate social responsibility initiatives into a valuable additional marketing play.
How does it work?

Users insert plastic, aluminium and glass drinks packaging into reverse vending machines. By using the trovr app, users are rewarded with in app points which they exchange for vouchers offered by brands and retailers.

Bottles, cans and glass from all brands and retailers can be recycled in the machines.
EcoVend reverse vending machines can recycle bottles, cans and glass.
The reverse vending machine produces a QR code which is scanned by the customer using the trovr app.
Customers are rewarded with points and vouchers stored in the trovr app wallet.
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